Only massive protests by "We the People" will save this country!
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 “If you tell a big lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  ? Adolf Hitler
  Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -- Voltaire

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The text/proposal below was sent to Glenn Beck, the RNC, and MRC in June 2012, so some  of the references to organizations and groups may be outdated.  Proposal was sent to MRC via certified mail and signed for.  I included $100 bribe if they would simply comment on the possibility and $1000 if they actually attempted to test it.  In all cases - no response.


To anyone on Planet Earth who will listen.  Here is a way to break the progressive stranglehold of the state-controlled media.

The time for action is now! Even if so-called republicans get the Senate, Congress and Presidency in 2012, Obama and his Czars will have created and perpetuated an entitlement class so large and entrenched that any attempt to reverse course will necessarily result in upheaval on a street level that we have never experienced before. Add to that a complicit mainstream media that will demonize the New Republican Administration relentlessly and you will have real class warfare, guns and all. I personally believe it is already too late. It is imperative to find a way to expose the truth to the “unconvinced” or “uninformed” within Obama’s base and force the media to cover it. Continued pontificating to the choir is pure self-indulgence at this point. It only serves to fuel a rage that goes unabated.  This is no longer a political game – it is the Endgame!


What I envision is a fleet of media vans equipped with large screen televisions, satellite communications equipment and loud speakers. The vans could be painted with the stars and stripes, with heartfelt slogans like Coalition for Truth or something else that represents our cause. These vehicles would come equipped with very large screens built into the passenger/driver’s side and be capable of filming and broadcasting live as well as delivering video content as needed from YouTube or other sources. Depending on the number of vans, you now have an alternative media source that can be deployed in minutes to any location.


The Possibilities are limitless. Begin with one Van to test the waters. Once your red, white & blue FREEDOM VANS establish their presence, then attack, attack, and attack with the truth and nothing but. When Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al. are lying, fear mongering, race baiting, or circumventing Congress with draconian rules and regulations, legally park a couple of Vans as near to the White House as possible and visually and verbally expose them in their own words, in public, to the public. 

If this country is to remain free and viable, we need to find a way to bring the truth to the general public and state controlled media that cannot be suppressed or ignored.  The Tea Party is the only organization we have that can be mobilized to put “boots on the ground” on a national scale.  Imagine Tea Party groups in major cities each equipped with a Media Van and parking next to the OWS "rallies" this spring - exposing them in real time as well as with existing footage revealing who their supporters and organizers really are. (This is just one minuscule example of how these vehicles could be utilized).


Glenn Beck is probably the only person who could provide the impetus for Tea Party implementation of this strategy via GBTV or his radio show.  I understand that due to liability and sponsorship issues his involvement would necessarily be limited. Perhaps, if Beck’s organization doesn't own such a vehicle, they could rent one and take it for a trial run showing how it could be used effectively. For example, GBTV could park the van outside the Capitol Hilton on Tuesday’s when Media Matters meets with White House staff to discuss the latest propaganda initiative. While they are meeting inside, Glenn/Tea Party volunteers are looping his special on Media Matters 20 yards away.


Given that we are now living in a totalitarian regime with Obama having unlimited numbers of mercenaries willing to do anything to maintain power and control, VANS would need to be equipped with surveillance cameras and accompanied by professional security.  This is why I believe Tea Party groups would be the ideal conduit for deploying these vehicles.  There is safety in numbers - just ask any community organizer.  You have perhaps 40 million people or more who feel like I do.  We know what is going on and feel frustrated and helpless - WE WANT TO DO SOMETHING!!!  Contact a Tea Party group in your area and float the idea.  I guarantee you wherever there's a Van there will be a thousand patriots, energized to the Max, finally doing something other than preparing to die like lambs.


This David Horowitz sourced 9 minute video clip (text scrolling on a screen)  succinctly explains the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Obama/Progressive agenda and the INTENTIONAL destruction of the greatest country on earth.   This is what I would use as the signature Freedom Van presentation once the Van is parked.

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