Only massive protests by "We the People" will save this country!
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 “If you tell a big lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  ? Adolf Hitler
  Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -- Voltaire

If this country is going to survive, the time for "civil discourse" and “obedience” on the part of conservatives and anyone who cares is over.  We need our own "community organizations" in every municipality, county, state and Washington, DC.  We need to become the "occupiers" for the preservation of America.   We need a way to quickly mobilize and expose the lies and real agenda of this administration and force the mainstream media to cover it.   We need to establish a coalition of truth to counter the Progressive coalition of lies  The continued daily revelations only serve to fuel a rage that goes unabated.  It is now late December 2014.  As we now know, even the installation of a Republican majority in both Houses will not force our so-called Representatives to, as a group, confront the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House and thwart his mission to destroy us.   What we need and must have is a well-Germanized, massive and far-reaching cadre of trained volunteer demonstrators and protesters who will be available on a moments notice to put boots on the ground, on a daily basis, in front of every Republican office and Mainstream media headquarters.  Flashmobs for Freedom, if you will.  


There are thousands of folks out there who if they think this is a proposal worth exploring could help facilitate implementation.  Below is a current real-world example to illustrate what we could do were we organized.



This hashtag has "reached" over 3.3 million twitter members in just a few days.  There are numerous other hashtags calling for Boehner to step down or resign.  Boehner The Traitor has already been nominated in November to retain his Speakership.  However he is still subject to a Public re-election by the Full House in January.  It would take 30 Republicans to vote 'nay' to veto his nomination.  Even if the RNC/House were presented with statistics showing ten million twitter followers want Boehner removed from leadership, do you think that would cause any Republican to change his/her mind?  Probably not.  However, if we had the Organization and Structure I envision in my dreams, 100's of volunteer protesters/demonstrators (mostly seniors) residing in D.C. and Ohio would be marching back and forth in front of Boehner's offices carrying professionally made signs  and bullhorns (if allowed).  They would be doing this every day until the House votes in January.  Republicans still in favor of anointing Boehner would be subject to the same treatment.  The idea is to mock, embarrass and ridicule these pseudo-Republicans, Alinsky style, until they do the Right thing.  Imagine Boehner, other Congressman and the public seeing these images.  We could even demonstrate in front of MSNBC headquarters and Media Matters offices to further humiliate these traitors.


Just think, if we could recruit even 5 or 10 percent of ten million like-minded twitter members on any relevant issue we would have a force to be reckoned with.  The Tea Party Organization, national and local, would appear to be the first place to begin training, recruiting and organizing for the sole purpose of coercing Republicans to, AS A GROUP, address every issue (EPA Regs, Amnesty, Defunding, the Budget, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS Corruption, Open Borders,  Prosecuting the Perpetrators, Impeachment, Corrupt Judges), and YES demanding the non-citizen, Muslim Terrorist in the White House prove his birthright.   We need to force the Republican Leadership in the Senate and the House to do on a daily basis a  'Harry Reid' maneuver and publicly call out the Communists (aka Democrats) for their lies and transgressions.    


For example, if I were watching only mainstream media, I would believe that Republicans are unfairly funded by the evil Koch brothers and represent the similarly evil one percent.  Imagine our Senate Leader standing at the podium on the Senate floor or wherever Harry Reid does his thing listing all the billionaires and millionaires contributing to the Obama slush fund.  I would also mention the trillions loaned to Obama's bundlers and INTENTIONALLY squandered on Green Energy and so much more.  AND VERY IMPORTANT:  for every issue where relevant, a website link on every sign (for protesters) and for public speeches would be displayed with details justifying the commentary.  When exposing and protesting the EPA/Climate Change Hoax a site like this would be presented to backup the charge:

Green Energy Scam:

White on Black Violence Scam:


I'm sure many people out there can do better with regard to the sites themselves.  The point here is that relentless boots-on-the-ground protests and daily or weekly public speeches will draw attention to those websites and will facilitate explaining to the world in detail what is happening and why, reaching an audience that otherwise might not have a clue or still be on the fence. 


Once this Coalition-for-Truth or whatever it will be called is established in cities throughout the country, it can be mobilized locally and or nationally within days.  If Obama is lying, America will know about it almost in real time.  This same group of patriots will simultaneously extend their protests in front of the offices of mainstream media outlets 5 days a week.  These demonstrations/protests will become a PERMANENT fixture in our fight to derail the Democrat (aka Communist) train to serfdom.  These maggots will never go away.  They can be contained if "We the People" come together and do our part.

In addition to targeting Republicans to get them to Represent us, the possibilities for exposing the corruption and lies of omission and commission within the Administration and Mainstream media are limitless. For example, if it is verified that businesses will be given a $3000 incentive to hire Amnestied workers over American Citizens our volunteers will be out in droves with signs including web links to the details.  An entire website could be devoted to the Intentional horrors of Obamacare.  The idea is to attack, attack, attack with the truth, often and everywhere.  Don't let them get away with anything.  My gut tells me if we don't do something like this, and do it now, Obama's dream of a 3rd-world, communist dictatorship will become our reality!
I have recently discovered that there are organizations out there that have already begun recruiting and have an organizational structure in place.  What I don't yet know is how they are going to utilize their personnel assets. 
 In my opinion there are several essential considerations if any "We the People" efforts are to be successful.
1.  Boots-on-ground protests/demonstrations need to be conducted on a daily basis.
2.  All demonstrations need to be conducted only at Republican and mainstream media offices. 
3.  Seniors (like myself and perhaps millions of others) need to play a major role in this movement.  We have the time.
4.  Professional signs need to be created and distributed as needed including website links to explain our position
5. Lawyers need to be involved to advise us of what we can and can not do.  Hopefully a group like Larry Klayman's.
6.  Consideration should be given to hiring either volunteers or armed guards to protect us from Obama's goons.
7.  No issue gets ignored. 
How to confront the Obama Media Propaganda Machine? 
In June of 2012 I sent a proposal to Glenn Beck, the RNC and MRC (Media Research Center) that I believe might be the most effective way to expose and combat Mainstream Media malfeasance.  It would be expensive, but if it can be done we would finally have a voice that could not be ignored.  I sent these proposals via certified mail, with return receipts requested.  I can't remember if I offered a small bribe to Beck or RNC but I donated $100 to MRC, and offered another $100 it they would just respond and tell me if the idea was viable.  I also offered $1,000 if they actually attempted to use a Media Van as detailed on the next page.  They did sign for the package.  However there was no response - period.  The original proposal is almost exactly as it was in mid-2012, so you will see outdated references.