Only massive protests by "We the People" will save this country!
 If you tell a big lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  ? Adolf Hitler
  "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -- Voltaire

If this country is going to survive, the time for "civil discourse" and “obedience” on the part of conservatives and anyone who cares is over.  We need our own "community organizations" in every municipality, county, state and Washington, DC.  We need to become the "occupiers" for the preservation of America.   We need a way to quickly mobilize and expose the lies and real agenda of this administration and force the mainstream media to cover it.   We need to establish a coalition of truth to counter the Progressive coalition of lies.  After 6 years, tens of millions of dollars, thousands of petitions; hundreds of lawsuits and investigative articles, books and blogs exposing all the unconstitutional, treasonous and criminal acts perpetrated by the Obama Administration; finally culminating in the installation of a Republican majority in both houses - what have we accomplished?   Virtually nothing.  The daily revelations of the continued erosion of our rights and our freedoms serve only to fuel a rage that goes unabated. 


This page is an attempt to put the current situation in context.  The two pages that follow propose actions that can and must take place now to change the tide.  Pages 5&6 provide details.  Page 7 offers a solution.   Without an organized, significantly large group of like-minded citizens dispersed throughout the country willing to put boots on the ground on a daily basis if necessary, there may not be a 'real' election in 2016.  I envision seniors (including myself) as the driving force in this effort.  They have the time and should be highly motivated, not only for their own well-being but even more so for that of their children and grandchildren.  The targets will not be the Communists (aka Democrats) but rather Republicans and Mainstream Media. 


We the People (Citizens & Legal Immigrants of all colors, religions, ethnicities) must organize or die.   The non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House and his co-conspirators in Congress and World Wide have gone unimpeded in implementing their 50+ year plan to transform America into a 3rd-world dictatorship that will be compelled to relinquish its sovereignty to the UN's New World Order,Agenda 21 Initiative conceived in 1992.  Had someone told me this in 2008, I would have had them Baker-acted. 


Perhaps you are familiar with best-selling author David Horowitz, who was one of the original founders of the New Left.  In fact, were it not for his own epiphany in 1974, he would probably be Obama's top Czar.  Who better to expose this massive cabal of sociopaths?  In addition to several books, Horowitz has produced a pamphlet (20-minute read) available online that explains from the 1960s to the present; the who, what, when, where, why and how of the Obama/Progressive Agenda and the INTENTIONAL dismantling of the greatest country on earth.  After reading this and viewing an equally effective Horowitz-sourced  video clip (9 minutes), everything Obama and the New Left have done and plan on doing in the future will make tragic sense.  In this regard, the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House is the most successful Progressive/Communist President ever. HE HAS MADE NO MISTAKES.


The non-citizen, racist, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, anti-Middle Class, Muslim terrorist in the White House; flanked by a cadre of corrupt Czars, accountable only to him and protected by the most effective media propaganda machine in history, has already derived unlimited and unconstitutional powers through threats and intimidation on the part of a well-organized gestapo (DHS, IRS, DOJ, DHS, Mainstream Media, NAACP, New Black Panthers, Congressional Black Caucus, Progressive democrats, Academia, Billionaire Globalists, the U.N., Hollywood, Unions and assorted paid protesters to name a few).  All these groups and many more have something to gain either politically, financially or both by supporting the most corrupt President and Administration in the history of the United States.   We are literally just a few Executive Orders, Administrative Regulations and U.N. Treaty signings away, from permanent servitude.  WE MUST ACT NOW!!! 

I have a standing wager ($1,000) with a neighbor, that even if Republicans retained a majority in the House and acquired a two-thirds majority in the Senate, that there would be no impeachment, no meaningful defunding, no repealing of Communist Care, no rescinding of Amnesty, and no curtailing of EPA regulations INTENTIONALLY designed to weaken us economically and KNOWINGLY based on a Hoax orchestrated 30 years ago.  It is now late December 2014. The Republican Party has not disappointed.  I can only conclude one of two possibilities.  Either the majority of Republicans are more interested in the status quo than in representing us or they are absolutely TERRIFIED by the Obama Thugocracy and the prospect of the organized 24//7 rioting, looting, propagandizing, killings and general mayhem that would befall them if they actually, as a group, took a stand.    I believe this is why Justice Roberts found a creative way to rule in favor of Obamacare. 

As I write this, the Obama Labor Board is circumventing Congress and administratively mandating Card Check Lite which will enable union goons to intimidate reluctant employees to unionize.  The United Nations Office of Disarmament will begin enforcing the International Arms Trade Treaty on December 24, 2014.   John Kerry signed off on it last year.  Despite the fact that a two-thirds Senate majority vote is constitutionally required for U.S. approval, what will prevent Obama from issuing an executive order authorizing compliance?  What will your Representatives in Congress do?  Unless we want to be relegated to throwing rocks at Obama’s militias, once we have nothing left to lose; we need to do something now!  We are at War!

At this point Passivity is Death!  To paraphrase, now-deceased Black Panther Stokely Carmichael, "it is never a question of right or wrong, all that matters is who has the power to make the definitions."  How is it that "WeThe People"  (those of us who believe in the Constitution, equal opportunity, equal justice, smaller government, personal accountability and the freedom to become all we can be) represent exponentially, the largest common-interest group in this country and yet have zero power to effect change?  We no longer have the POWER to make the definitions! 



When, in the mid-sixties, the New Left/Progressives realized they could not bring down the system through violence alone, they decided to drop  the radical pose and subvert the system from within. They have succeeded beyond comprehension.  The PROGRESSIVE AGENDA represents 5 decades of infiltration, indoctrination and control of virtually every institution in our society on a national and local level.  Because Democrat/Communist politicians and their co-conspirators control 90% of the media they are able to lie, cheat, steal, kill and deny basic freedoms to American Citizens without suffering the consequences, while at the same time fostering a culture that emboldens, protects and rewards minority groups of all stripes at the expense of the backbone of America - the Middle Class. 
I see only two options - both of them require "We The People" to somehow come together, organize, mobilize and put boots on the ground.  "We The People" includes anyone who believes in the Constitution, freedom, justice and equal opportunity for all.
The first and least desirable option would necessitate thousands if not millions of Americans descending on Washington, D.C. and conducting OWS style demonstrations, risking life and limb.  If we don't do something now, this may be the only alternative we have, as was the case with Egypt in Nov 2012.
The second option, which I believe we can and must do now with minimal risk of violence is this:

Note:   There will be some duplication on the two pages that follow in order to use individual page links when necessary.